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We look forward to another purchase of the storz and bickel vapourizer. Yes, all of our accessories and items will be available to you. Our volcano vaporizers come directly from the manufacturer. Most vaporizers that require a flat platform also plug into a power source, which provides consistent and efficient energy vaporize your favorite herbs. Because of their power, performance, and convenience, many prefer desktop vapes to handheld alternatives. Personally, I find it not ‘fiddly enough fuck’ to reload my Volcano.

I haven’t got a review up yet, but I’m still experimenting and will soon have something up. Check out the full Vapman vaporizer black friday collection here. Storz und Bickel’s continued evolution and improvement of their original design is unmatched by other medical-grade vapour production products. One of the best volcano vaporizer accessories features about the Easy Valve is the ability to switch between whip and easy valve frequently. It improves on what was widely regarded as the best vaporizer ever, with improved vapor quality. The Volcano’s iconic balloon and valve system ensures that no vapor or hot air is lost, and the convection heating system only cooks your herbs while blowing bags.

Hot air convection distributes heat on a larger area to warm the herb evenly. It also produces large clouds and vapor. These innovations prompted Jurgen bickel, one the company’s original customers, to join Storz in creating the brand it is today. They continue to develop new technology, and file patents for the original design.

Hot air passes over your aromatic blends or essential oils to create vapor, filling your Volcano balloon by the method of forced air. Once the balloon is filled with vapor, it can then be detached and used. I bought a Classic for my own use last year, and my daughter enjoys it whenever she and the fiancee visit. Her birthday is in April. She’s getting married in July. So I decided to buy them a Classic Classic for a birthday/wedding gift. They love it. The beautiful industrial design looks great at home on their counter, Planet of the Vapes service and price were unbeatable, as usual.

Before you use, acknowledge and agree to comply with our Terms of Use. Markus Storz was the one who created the first ever Volcano by heating his cellar with a heat gun. Two years later the patent on the Volcano balloon bags was filed. In 2000, the first Volcano Classic vape vaporizer was released. Jurgen Bickel, who saw the potential in the Volcano vaporizer’s technology, joined Storz as a partner and Storz & Bickel was founded.