Great Food Good health – Healthy Liver Reduces Cellulite

Hi Everyone

Ladies did you recognize the best thing to help keep cellulite to a minimum amount is through a great healthy diet, as this will keep your liver working at its potential, reducing storage of HDL – bad cholesterol.

As I’ve mentioned many times before’ we are what we eat’ so our motto’ food which is good for good health’ must be everybody’s.

I believe as we grow older we do take this’ on board’, however, we have to encourage the younger generation that they need to instill this as a means of life now, and not one thing they can simply put right later on, as cellulite can begin to form at puberty – although it’s normally later.

French physicians coined the term’ cellulite’ – the bain of all ladies, thinking it is a specific type of fat that accumulates under the epidermis, leaving the affected area seeming lumpy and dimpled, like orange peel.

As with any health condition, there’s typically no such thing as one cause, but different life situations along with co-factors and causative agents which interact and offer an impression or symptom, and cellulite isn’t any different.

Today most doctors do not believe cellulite to turn into a special kind of unwanted fat, but think it’s definitely ordinary extra fat which is pulled down by gravity.

I hold the hand of mine up to the point that through the years I have examined in the mirror for tell tale signs, and yes I have some, I first observed it when I was half way through the first pregnancy of mine and livpure ( nearly had a fit, only being 28.