The best way to Lower a Blood Sugar “Spike”

What must you do when you have a “spike” of high glucose levels? Maybe you forgot or missed or didn’t take plenty of the meds of yours or insulin injection. Maybe your insulin has gone bad. Or you may were binged and naughty — also a bit of binge can cause a spike in blood glucose.

What is a spike in blood sugar and exactly how could you know it?

You should always test your blood sugar 2 hours after meals or snacks. Something over 140 mg/dl (7.5 mmol/l) at that time is excessive, but a “spike” is something more than 180 mg/dl (ten mmol/l).

What must you do? That depends on whether you are type 1 or maybe type 2.

In case you are type 1:

Anything above 250 mg/dl (14 mmol/l) requires at least tests for ketones.

(If you’re newly clinically determined to have type one diabetes you really need to teach yourself on ketones. They are the toxic by-products of losing fat for energy instead of sugar. You are able to detect the presence of ketones with urine test strips.)

If KETONES ARE PRESENT, Do not EXERCISE in an attempt to try to lower the blood glucose level of yours. You’ve ketones because insulin is not present. That means the sugar cannot be metabolized. Worse than that, your body will burn fat for glucotrust video, please click the next post, the energy to exercise and produce a lot more ketones.